Local Man Not Drinking, Just Here To Show Off Drinking Vest

Man wearing beer drinking vest with hands in pockets

I am sorry you can't have any. A local man diffused any speculation today at a local barbecue, when he clarified that he was "not drinking but just showing off my new vest. It holds 12 beers." Saying he "thought it would look weird without the beers." Adding, he "didn't want people to think, I …

Cottage Country Mix’s Beer Tasting Score Card

Beer being poured into glasses on top of a beer tasting score card

Hey, if you are going to be drinking beer anyway, why not share and try something new. Discover more of what you like and what you should avoid with our Beer Tasting Score Card. Why not? People like beer and think they have the best taste. (maybe ask the mosquitos on that one).

New Cottage Country Mix Vol 22 for 2019!

New for 2019 Cottage Country Vol. 22 is here and it's ðŸ”¥ https://www.mixcloud.com/CottageMixtape/dougie-booms-cottage-country-vol-22/ Here we are in our eleventh year, 93.5 Loon, and we proudly present Dougie Boom’s Cottage Country Vol. 22. Dropping the double deuce on ya. Tonight we going to party like it was last night, Tonight we are going to party like it is …

Get To Know Your Bug Bites: A Guide

Mosquito, black fly, horse fly and bites

Mosquito bites, blackfly bites, horsefly bites, deerfly bites, welcome to the world of bites. If you are planning to spend some time in cottage country, these are going to be your new friends. But don't worry, it's a favourite pastime to itch and bitch about them. Geography is everything, though, so let's get to know your bug bites, shall we? "In the dead of night, bug bites, bug bites!"